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Slinky Speech Training

A Slinky Speech is a talk that is highly flexible, but still keeps the integrity and flow of your core message. It gives structure to the most important things you have to say, while allowing how to deliver it with great flexibility.


STEP 1During the training, I use my own Slinky Speech as an example. It's helpful to watch my TEDx talk first, which is also my Slinky Speech, to understand some of the references I'll make during the training.

STEP 2:  Watch the training video, where I'll teach you why every leader needs a Slinky Speech and how you can create your very own. I'll walk you through all the steps, and explain how to use the worksheet. 


STEP 3: Download and print the worksheet at the bottom of this page so you can start brainstorming your very own Slinky Speech!

If you have feedback, questions or would like to work together to unearth your core message and turn it into a Slinky Speech - contact me. Thanks for watching!

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