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 a word-of-mouth movement for over a decade 

We are proud to serve some of the world's brightest authors, executives, entrepreneurs and conscious leaders.
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First, I've spent a lot of time navel-gazing in my time. Second, I'm a really experienced facilitator. So I was more than a little skeptical about this "dig" process...and I only said yes because 1) some good people I trust had done it and 2) I was desperate. It was a powerful, useful process and made more so by it being done in real time and with a spirit of co-creation. I've since recommended this to quite a few people, and I can recommend it to you. 



Bestselling Author of The Coaching Habit 

shelley brander
Founder & CEO of Knit Stars

Next to moving to the beach, The Dig is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself! Erin has an absolute gift to see straight into your soul, clear the clutter and distill what your greatest gift can be. This seemingly simple exercise helped me reimagine my next chapter. Thank you so much, Erin!

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Disability Advocate and Public Speaker

What Erin did with and for me was nothing less than magic. Her intuitiveness and comprehension in the moment is only rivaled by her ability to draw larger conclusions about the material and the person who is living it.  I was hoping for some good advise and direction, I went away with a better understanding of myself and my story. #SEEN

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sheng herr
Entrepreneur & Business Strategist

Erin is AMAZING at what she does. She created a space for me to share and own my story without shame and judgment. She allowed the messiness and the "no need to be the right attitude." With this space, I was able to find my Dig Word. I know my purpose here on earth is to empower people to redesign their life to create the life they love. #EMPOWER

ash beckham
Author & Speaker on Authentic Leadership

Erin in an Idea Midwife. If it's in you, she'll get it out. But she sure as hell isn't going to push for you. If you want someone to walk the path as you discover your truth and bring it to the world in the most authentic way possible, ain't nobody better. I will NEVER do a new talk without meeting with Erin. She has simultaneously been like a sister and a coach to me, and I have extremely high standards in those categories. The Dig helps root you - to reality, to your truth, to the ground. #FREEDOM

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andy seth
Philanthropist, Author and Entrepreneur

While Digging, I realized so many things about myself... I learned that I've held onto an idea for far too long about myself... that I'm not good enough. And that served me well but it also held me back and made me question why anyone would want to hear my story. I now feel confident that not only am I good enough, but my story can help others feel like they can be too. #OPPORTUNITY

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sue jacques
Civility Expert, Author and Speaker

Immediately I trusted Erin. I am a very private person, but Erin has a way of building instant rapport—even over Skype! I am still surprised at how effortless it was for me to bare my soul and share my stories with Erin. She is, without a doubt, one of the best listeners I have ever met. She is an intellectual, intuitive, truth-seeking rabble-rouser who has a penchant for sticky notes and zero tolerance for BS. If you're ready to dig deep, plant firmly, and grow exponentially, sign up now. #GRACE

anthony Trucks
American Ninja Warrior, Former NFL Player, Online Entrepreneur

Since working with Erin I have structured and designed my entire company around the truths she uncovered in me. I am now a paid speaker with an agent who has been able to book me for multiple speeches. Her uncanny ability to draw truths and meaning from my stories and my persona allowed me to see myself and my true message in a way I had never thought about before. I was astonished at how she was able to show me more of myself than I had ever known was there, and I like to think of myself as a pretty cognitive present individual. She’s like a truth superhero.

jennifer brown
Owner of Jennifer Brown Consulting, Bestselling Author

Erin is uncategorizable, if that is a word. She is hugely intelligent, knowledgeable, savvy, intuitive about people and business, and is truly generous in her work, focused on enabling authenticity in others and coaxing their truth out into the light. The highest compliment I can give anyone is that every single moment with her, I’m learning, re-considering, or challenging something – a belief, an assumption, my own perceived limitations. It is a “stretch” experience speaking with her, and that is rare. #POWER

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