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I believe there is a story and a truth inside all people.

The people who really need to get it out to the world have an uncanny sense of urgency, and I’m dedicated to helping them.


We need leaders who will move consciousness forward and make civilization a better place. We need evangelists for the human experience. Sincere and vulnerable people should be at the helm, because it’s easier for others to latch on to change when it’s coming from someone REAL.


I support people who are ready to dig deep and go public with their stories and their truths. They are brave souls, and I love them. Maybe it’s the mama bear in me, but I just want to nurture their willingness to give such a vulnerable part of themselves so generously.


This is important, because the journey of seeking and sharing your truth can be terrifying and rewarding. Raw and mind-blowing. Joyful and uncomfortable. Intoxicatingly validating, and wildly excruciating. Speaking our truth forces us to have hard conversations, and make hard decisions.

There are high highs and low lows. Our truth can be expensive and exhausting – humbling and historic. But ultimately, it’s all in the name of progress.


And not just progress for ourselves. Not just to get the standing ovation. But to really move people forward.


Your stories didn’t just happen to you. They are a connection point to one another. They are a clue to our purpose. Your story is important. It is gold. To me. To you. To the world.

Many of us have a habit of thinking we are smaller than we are. And we’ve gotta cut that out.


Being a leader is not about building a platform where you spew out your ideas to the audience below. Instead, it’s about engagement.

One to one. One to some. One to many.


It’s about building an interdependent ecosystem, leveraging all the different ways we can speak up. The goal being to share what you know with the world, and more importantly, to start a conversation.


I believe words are one of the most powerful tools we have available to us. And it’s my mission to help people use their words for maximum impact.

We all have stories. We are all conduits for consciousness and vessels for vision. And I believe it’s our duty to share them for the greater good. I believe anyone of any race, or gender, or tax bracket or whatever other category we like tossing people into can move an audience, and subsequently create a SHIFT.

We also all have truths. That’s where the real magic happens, when it comes to connecting with people. Our stories make our truth relatable to people who haven’t lived our life, who haven’t been in our skin, who don’t know what it’s like to be black or well-traveled or psychic or gay or an amputee or female or rich or electable or sick.

Truth is awesome, because it’s the thread that’s woven into every decision, relationship, job and adventure we take. It’s what drives us. It’s why we are here on this planet, at this time, in this body. Maybe it’s our mission in life – to simply discover and share what we know to be true.


But first we need to know what our truth is. Or maybe we already know deep down…and we simply need to REMEMBER.

Identifying one’s truth is an incredibly enlightening thing. It explains a lot about why we choose the work, people and paths in our life. It explains some mysteries we have about ourselves. On the other side of truth is simplicity and clarity to finally be able to look ourselves in the mirror in the morning and think, “OK. I get you. I get what I’m supposed to be doing here. Now let’s go change the world.”

There are universal truths that bind us all together. But in order to unearth them, we gotta dig first.


I am committed to excellence, but not attached to outcome. I have total trust that your message will reach the exact people who need to hear it. Whether it’s ten people around a table – or ten million across the globe – if you make the brave choice to communicate authentically, they will listen.

My mission is clear: To help you speak your truth. I am dedicated to supporting conscious leaders do this. Sometimes they are reluctant, much preferring to stay behind the curtain.


My clients don’t just WANT to speak their truth. They are COMPELLED.


It would be an honor to midwife your message in a whole new way the world has never heard before. Maybe in a way that YOU have never thought about yourself before.


Let’s challenge the world to rise above the petty small talk, and start having conversations that matter. Let’s transcend sketchy motivational speakers who live in vans down by the river, and start heralding the voices who are truly moving the world forward.


Let’s go galactic.


Let’s change some lives with what we’ve seen, what we’ve been through, and what we’ve learned as a result. Let’s help people be healthier, wiser, smarter and more conscious and compassionate beings. Let’s take a deep breath, take a risk and rock our audience by simply getting real with them.

Why do this? Because on the other side of authenticity is connection. Connected together we grow. When one of us gets better, stronger, smarter, braver, clearer…WE ALL DO.


I strive to build my community as a badass fraternity of rebel rousers and changemakers who share their wisdom with those who need it most. With grace, grit and amusement.


When you do this in the right way, without tricking or swindling people – without being too crafty or polished or clever – people will get it. Please stop striving for some version of perfect, when you’re already perfectly YOU.


Be sincere. Give with reckless abandon. Commit to excellence. LOVE YOUR AUDIENCE. If you’re awkward, embrace it. If you’re nervous, transform that energy to excitement. If you’re in the spotlight and your mind goes blank, then find the glorious interconnectivity in bonding with the audience over the idea that sometimes we all screw up a little sometimes.


Then laugh. And keep going. And rock it harder than you ever imagined possible…thoughtful pauses and all.


But never stop looking INWARD. Never stop being curious about the next version of yourself that’s knocking on the door, and wants to come in.


I leave you now with this motto that I tell clients before they step on stage: “You don’t need to save the audience. Just leave them a little better than you found them.”


Keep being awesome. Keep being YOU.

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