Hi, I'm Erin Weed, founder of The Dig. Allow me to give you a peek behind the curtain of who I am, what The Dig is all about and how it might help you...

Growing up in the Chicago suburbs, I always wanted to be Wonder Woman...and I had the underoos to prove it. I mean, she had a lasso of truth and an invisible jet! I loved that WW was always on a crusade for the safety and well-being of humanity.

For as long as I can remember, I've been playing in traffic at the intersection of truth + communication for the greater good.


After graduating with a degree in Communications and PR, I had big dreams of producing TV shows in New York. But just a year into living that dream, my sweet friend and sorority sister, Shannon McNamara (pictured at right), was murdered at Eastern Illinois University where we both went to college.


This tragedy re-routed my path, and motivated me to launch Girls Fight Back (GFB), a company that produces women's safety seminars at schools + colleges across the world. 

Between 2001-2013, I was in the spotlight as a leading women's safety and violence prevention expert. GFB seminars have reached millions of people at live events worldwide. Our team of international speakers gave seminars in the USA, India and Pakistan.


I was a regular on TV shows to educate about violence against women, wrote a book called Girls Fight Back: The College Girl's Guide to Protecting Herself, and also wrote a recurring column for CosmoGirl magazine. 


But as successful as I was, I always felt a little unclear of my bigger "why". As effective as we were, it was unsettling to not feel totally clear about my truth.


We had a huge platform - but what was I really trying to say? I was constantly seeking answers and hiring experts, and wasted too much time and energy feeling uncertain.

After I sold GFB in 2013, I had some time to figure out why I felt disconnected from my purpose. Finally, I found my answer. The way I solved my problem was though The Dig. It helped me know the lens thru which I view the world. 

The method was clear and straightforward. Within our life stories (which have already happened) hold the clues for what is to come. Kinda like pattern recognition, the truthy themes in our lives just keep repeating.

But the benefits didn't just impact my work and message - they also impacted my life. Around that time, I was navigating some pretty intense transitions including getting a divorce, moving to a new city and figuring out how to build a new business as a single mom.


It helped me understand my purpose - how to name it and claim it - so that I could share it with others. It simplified what I'm here to do, so I could integrate it into my life and words. But perhaps the best perk of all, was a feeling of peace that I was living my authentic life.


Today, sharing The Dig with leaders worldwide is my calling. My team and I work with individuals and companies including: Google, Facebook, NFL Super Bowl champions and University of Colorado - both famous and anonymous. If you feel compelled to dig deeper into who you are and what superpowers you can be unleashing, I'd love to work with YOU next! 



PS: I'm still a wannabe Wonder Woman, and I've been known to show up at random Starbucks dressed up in my best Linda Carter. (watch my TEDx talk to get the joke) 

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