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 rockin' stages since 2001 

Erin speaks on the topic of authenticity, purpose, leadership and communication. Your audience will laugh, maybe cry - and everyone walks away knowing how to really connect.

A speaker who gets real with your audience.

Erin has been a professional speaker for 22 years, and has spoken to over one million people at live events around the world. She has won numerous speaking awards, and was the closing speaker for TEDxBoulder 2017.

Erin is an experienced keynote presenter, workshop leader and emcee. Her style is humorous, authentic and engaging. Her ability to connect makes her a successful at both in-person and and virtual presentations.


Erin speaks about truth, purpose, communication, leadership and how to connect with others by being real with them. 

Dare to be Authentic | Erin Weed | TEDxBoulder
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Career Highlights:

  • TEDxBoulder Speaker (see above) in 2017

  • Creator and Emcee of Evoso Live, an annual speaking event in Boulder, CO

  • Has spoken to over 1 million people at live events around the world since 2001

  • Named Best Speaker and Best Female Performer by speaking industry publications

  • Media appearances: CBS Early Show, CNN, The New York Times, Washington Post

  • Founded Girls Fight Back in 2001, education to prevent violence against women

  • Sold Girls Fight Back in 2013

  • Author of Girls Fight Back! The College Girl’s Guide to Protecting Herself (2 editions)

  • Named CosmoGirl of the Year by CosmoGirl magazine

  • Recipient of the Hometown Hero Award by John Walsh (of America’s Most Wanted)


Keynote Description:

The 3 Truths: Head-Heart-Core


Every person has the power to communicate and connect authentically. This interactive keynote will teach attendees that they have within them 3 truths. 

To get clear and make connections with people, we first need to understand HOW to discover our own truth, and share it with others in a way that resonates. And this must be accomplished in a professional and time-efficient manner.

Erin has developed a framework for quick, authentic communication called Head-Heart-Core. She takes the audience on an interactive journey to both access and express one's factual truth, emotional truth and desire-based truth. 

Head-Heart-Core helps people experience the difference between expressing thoughts, feelings and desires - in real time. When people learn to communicate from all three places, we are showing up as the most authentic version of ourselves.

Erin helps people understand the unique power of our stories, the lessons we learn from them and the universal truths that tie all humans together. Get ready for a powerful, connecting, morale-building experience!

Learning Outcomes:

  • authentically communicate thoughts, feelings and desires

  • use storytelling for deeper interpersonal connection

  • distill their truth down to just ONE WORD

  • feel more clear and and confident with who they are

  • become more confident with showing up as one’s true self

  • increase trust among co-workers, colleagues and customers

  • make a real connection with people in a short amount of time


Founder, Access Opportunity


While taking center stage, Erin has the remarkable ability to make you feel like you’re the one being heard. I invited her to speak at our conference. In less than 30 minutes of Erin being her genuine, warm, and funny self, she drew out buried truths and major self-insights from the audience. Across the board, she was their favorite speaker of the conference.

Human Resources, Estee Lauder


I can’t thank Erin enough for the truly excellent lunch seminar. I have received wonderful feedback from so many of the employees. Her presentation certainly made quite an impression on all of us!

Sales Leader


Erin engaged us at our leadership Retreat. She was awesome, so inspiring. Her approach on her topic “Head, Heart, Core” and her exercises in this concept left me with a full heart. Definitely one of the best seminars. Thank You Erin.


Founder, The WILD Summit

Erin has spoken several times at the WILD Summit (Women Inspiring Leadership Development) and has brought down the house every time! She has a comfortable, entertaining, and engaging style that quickly captures her audience’s attention and then keeps them enthralled for her entire speech.


Truth be told, Erin’s kind of been our speaking “ringer” since we started our event several years ago. She is someone we can bring in at any point in our program to lift the mood – the truth – and the overall quality of our Summit.


VP, Merrill Lynch

Erin has such a unique and refreshing approach, and I think she is doing a wonderful job spreading her very important message. An employee gave me feedback saying that today’s seminar was one of the best programs we have ever offered our employees.


Lemongrass Spa 

Erin has a presence that glows and uplifts. The minute I met her, I felt like we were friends. She's empowering, enlightening, motivating, and gives an incredible energy to the room! So happy you were able to speak to us Lemongrass Spa Leaders, what an amazing experience!

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