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DATE: Friday March 3, 2023

START TIME: 9am PT | 10am MT | 11am CT | 12pm ET

LENGTH: This is a 90-minute live, virtual workshop.

LOCATION: On Zoom. Save this link to get access:


COST: FREE (for a limited time only) 

DESCRIPTION: Taught live on Zoom by Erin Weed, learn how to get epic clarity of your truth by accessing 3 distinctly different parts of yourself: 

YOUR HEAD - "I think": Access your factual truth 
YOUR HEART - "I feel": Reveal your emotional truth
YOUR CORE - "I want":  Own your gut truth

OUTCOMES: The goal is to get quick access to all aspects of who you are and fully claim it. This level of self-knowledge leads to more clarity, confidence and connection to self and others. You'll emerge from this workshop with clarity of how to quickly access your "why" and how to communicate it in a straightforward way that others can understand. We'll conclude by distilling your purpose down to just one word, by identifying your unique frequency. 

WORKSHOP VIBE: This is a highly interactive workshop, and is a judgment-free zone. You'll be interacting with other people in Zoom rooms so do not attend if you're not willing to participate. 

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