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Since 2012 we have worked with 1,000+ individuals to unearth their unique awesomeness, name it succinctly and help them share it with the world. If you're seeking clarity and gravitate towards efficiency - a Private Intensive may be perfect for you. 

During the Private Intensive, you'll meet with a Certified Dig Facilitator, one-on-one, for three Zoom sessions. Each is approximately 90 minutes long and happen within the same week. All sessions are recorded, plus you'll get a written transcript, private client folder and written Dig Report. 

You'll meet with your facilitator on Zoom and share your entire life story. From it, your life-long patterns and themes will emerge. These themes have a shape, and it becomes your operating system, which repeats throughout your life. We'll get your Operating System down to around 10 words. After this session you have some short homework to write about the words that appeared. This is a first draft of your manifesto. 

We'll check in, then you'll share your writing exercise. We'll further distill your Operating System and get it refined to the point it resonates perfectly. Ultimately we'll arrive at your Dig Word, and then figure out steps for keeping you aligned with your truth. 

What emerges from this private Dig experience is a deeper understanding of how you operate, what matters to you and how that translates into the projects, people and endeavors you put energy towards. Together we'll craft a plan for actionable next steps for integration into your life, work and authentic expression. 

After The Dig® Intensive is complete, you will be invited to join The Dig® Collective so you can network, learn and grow alongside fellow leaders on a similar purpose-driven path. 

 session 1 

 session 2 

 session 3

*your investment depends on facilitator experience*

$2,500 - $5,000

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