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We can all agree that words hold immense power. When you go through The Dig, you find YOUR word. 

The one word whom you have hovered around that captures your spirit, ambition, and perspective in this world. I use my Dig Word in broadcasting, speaking, parenting and networking. Everywhere I am I use what I learned from The Dig to go beyond. 

NFL Super Bowl Champion, Author, Radio Host on Altitude Sports



Erin in an Idea Midwife. If it's in you, she'll get it out. But she sure as hell isn't going to push for you. If you want someone to walk the path as you discover your truth and bring it to the world in the most authentic way possible, ain't nobody better. I will NEVER do a new talk without meeting with Erin. She has simultaneously been like a sister and a coach to me, and I have extremely high standards in those categories. The Dig helps root you - to reality, to your truth, to the ground. 

Top 10 Most Viewed TEDx talks of all time, Keynote Speaker, LGBTQ activist



During The Dig, I realized so many things about myself... I learned that I've held onto an idea for far too long about myself... that I'm not good enough. And that served me well but it also held me back and made me question why anyone would want to hear my story. I now feel confident that not only am I good enough, but my story can help others feel like they can be too. 

Serial entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Board Chair of Minds Matter



Erin sees one layer deeper than a person's perspective of herself. She holds up a mirror to a soul and shows her what the world sees. The Dig empowered me to gain true clarity into what makes me special, unique, and powerful. Thank you for seeing me.  For helping me find my voice. For tearing down long-held beliefs that are untrue. Healing. Forgiving. For making me feel uncomfortable. And helping me to reconcile that I. AM. ENOUGH. 

Photographer, Business Strategist, Instagram Celebrity


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Caution! Do not take this process lightly! If you are unwilling to venture into the dark places that terrify most people and lack desire to feel challenged, you might consider giving this more thought. HOWEVER, if you are willing to "dig deep" and move head first into the emotional abyss that can only be found by facing your fears, the open up your heart, mind and body and feel the excitement of a wonderful journey! 

Owner of Colorado Multi-Sport, Visually Impaired Triathlete



Immediately I trusted Erin. I am a very private person, but Erin has a way of building instant rapport—even over Skype! I am still surprised at how effortless it was for me to bare my soul and share my stories with Erin. She is, without a doubt, one of the best listeners I have ever met. She is an intellectual, intuitive, truth-seeking rabble-rouser who has a penchant for sticky notes and zero tolerance for BS. If you're ready to dig deep, plant firmly, and grow exponentially, do The Dig. 

Former Death Investigator, Author, Professionalism and Civility Expert



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