and distill it to just one word


get epic clarity of your

a custom experience that aligns your life, work and message with your WHY

What's your WHY?


Whether you have a transition to make, a team to lead, a speech to give or a brand to grow - start by naming and claiming your purpose. 

The Dig is a method that helps you first connect with yourself internally (this is a step most people skip), so that you can show up externally with total clarity and confidence.


Maybe you are at a transition point, or you have something significant to share or you aren't sure how to explain something you're compelled to say....


I've been where you are. It's frustrating to want to be of service, but feel like something is missing. The fog of uncertainty can keep us feeling stuck.


As an entrepreneur, speaker, author and coach for 20+ years, I've observed that great leaders have 2 traits:

1) They are REAL. 2) They are CLEAR. 

During your session, you'll share your life story, revealing your unique operating system. Then we'll distill your life purpose down to just ONE WORD. (This is your Dig Word.)


This word is your frequency, your vibe and your life path. It's where you struggle and shine. It's what you're here to learn and teach. And it will probably NEVER CHANGE.


That means it's a worthy investment of your time to align your Dig Word with your life, your work and your message.

I've shared The Dig with 1,000+ leaders since 2021. To be honest, it requires a level of honest self-inquiry that's not for everyone.


But if this unconventional method resonates, I'd love to meet you.

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We can all agree that words hold immense power. When you Dig, you find YOUR word. The one word whom you have hovered around that captures your spirit, ambition, and perspective in this world. I use my Dig Word in broadcasting, speaking, parenting and networking. Everywhere I am I use what I learned from Erin to go beyond. 

- Ryan Harris


Erin sees one layer deeper than a person's perspective of herself. She holds up a mirror to a soul and shows her what the world sees. Erin empowered me to gain true clarity into what makes me special, unique, and powerful. Thank you for seeing me.  For helping me find my voice. For tearing down long-held beliefs that are untrue. Healing. Forgiving. For making me uncomfortable. And helping me reconcile that I. AM. ENOUGH.

- Jasmine Star