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 and reveal your life purpose. 

The Dig® is a method rooted in uncovering who you already are so you can start doing what you’re meant to do.

show up  >  get clear >  connect with confidence

You're here for a reason.

  But confidently stepping onto your path? 
That's rough-and-tumble work, not for the faint of heart!  


You feel that tug towards something big, whether it’s launching your brand, writing your book, or making a career leap. But, you recognize that:

→ You’re unclear on where to start, ready to level-up your life, but in need of a guiding hand.

→ You’re fatigued from navigating the self-help wormhole that only seems to make understanding yourself more difficult.


→ You’re ready for a mindset 180 so you can find a connection back to yourself.

And I was put on this earth to help people find their frequency, to create, and to connect with others so that we can rise together.
Since creating The Dig® method in 2012, I’ve dug over 1,500 entrepreneurs, executives, authors, academics, and speakers to help them access their truth and deliver the words they need to express it. 
In 2022, I started training others in The Dig method to build a community of certified Dig facilitators.
My Dig word? Authentic.
I strive to show the world what’s real, sharing my joy, my art, and my vulnerabilities, every day.
And that’s what The Dig® is all about. It’s about reflecting on where you’ve been so you can remember who you are, show up as your most authentic self, and do the big things you’re meant to do.

 Hi, I'm Erin. 

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 Over 1,000 graduates 

 in the past 10 years 

  (and we're just getting started)  


work with us



Work privately, one-on-one with a certified facilitator of The Dig® method.



Work privately, one-on-one with a certified facilitator of The Dig® method.



Get certified in The Dig® method so you can facilitate digs with your own clients.


 it's time to connect with your most authentic self. 

 Ready to overcome self-doubt and align with a true-to-you way of living? 

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