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 work one-on-one with erin weed 

Ready to get epic clarity of your purpose and message? Apply below....

During this 3-hour intensive experience on Zoom (plus one follow-up call) you'll finally get clear on who you are, what you stand for and how to express it. Working one-on-one with Erin is limited but is perfect for people who are open, curious and ready to up-level their truth or message. 

The Dig Private Intensive is ideal for you if: feel compelled to discover your bigger "why" and "how" so you can align your life, work and message with it.'re ready to creatively craft the flow of your speech, book, course or other communications project. want to grow your thought leadership business as a pro speaker, author, expert or media figure.

Wanna learn more? Apply below. Our team will reach out to book a Discovery Call with Erin.

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