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This community of authentic leaders with messages to share is curated by Erin Weed and comprised of people whom she has personally worked with.

It's called The Speakeasy.


We are on a mission to go deeper in our personal development, authentic leadership and message expression. We feel compelled to teach and share for the greater good. 


Membership is confidential and is comprised of entrepreneurs, professional speakers, published authors, content creators, public figures and purpose-driven leaders. 


  • Monthly Zoom call with featured guest speakers

  • Digital resources, trainings, contacts, referrals

  • Group Chat for questions, advice and feedback 

  • Invitation to in-person events around the world 

  • Discounted private sessions with Erin Weed 


  • speaking - keynotes, TEDx talks, panels

  • writing - books, blogs, articles

  • media - television, podcasts

  • teaching - courses, workshops, events

  • authentic leadership + career development

  • ongoing personal self-discovery and purpose alignment

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