The Dig is a fast-track to authenticity, and is a channel for communicating what you stand for. It's about finding meaning in your life, and bringing it into the world in a powerful way. 


Lacking clarity is the ultimate destroyer of productivity and creativity. No matter who you are or what you're working on - clarity of self and of your bigger purpose can set you free.

The Dig is a process that helps you distill your life story, and your truth down to just one word. The goal is to fully claim your purpose, so you can confidently own your power.

The Dig was developed by Erin Weed in 2012 as a way to simplify our life direction, by identifying that one-word lens through which you see the world. 


Whether you have a purpose to discover, a business/career to grow, a speech to deliver, a book to write, a creative project to make, a brand to build or a transition to make... 


Do not pass go until you get epic clarity.

five steps in the

dig process

a custom, private


The Dig is just for you, is totally custom to you and is all about your truth and purpose in this world. 

What emerges will help to inform you of how you operate, why you are here and how that translates into the projects, people and endeavors you put energy towards. 

You will meet with Erin on Zoom. You'll share your entire life story. From it, Erin will pull out your life-long patterns and themes and distill them into "truth words", which are in relationship together. This is your operating system, which repeats throughout your life.


Let's consciously SEE and NAME your operating system so your natural awesomeness can work in your favor.


We conclude by nailing down your one Dig Word, and a strategy for bringing it forth more clearly.

Afterwards you may also book a session to Dig your Message, if you feel called to speak or write.

your investment: $2,500

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who it's for:

1,000+ people in our global


Lewis Howes
Gayle Karen Young
Nicole DeBoom
Cesar Gonzalez
Christine Hassler
Ted Ning
John Winsor
Jules Schroeder
Gerry Valentine
Wei Shin
Margaret Paul
Andy Drish
Phillippa Hughes
Erika Napoletano
Nick Andresen