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Get epic clarity of your life purpose


The Dig® provides epic clarity of who you are, what you stand for and how to express it.


and distill it down to just

Get Real.

Get Clear.

Get Results.

Hi, I'm Erin Weed.

Ten years ago I created The Dig to help you own your story, name your "why" and claim your purpose.


Originally I developed this method as a way to help the TED speakers I was coaching to distill big truths down to simple words. Later, I discovered people's Dig results were helping people to simplify and clarify their truth in all areas of life and career.

The Dig experience is a spotlight on who you really are - and it can feel quite vulnerable. I work hard to create a safe space, and am honored to be a vault for some very powerful people.  


This work is certainly not for everyone. But if you are ready to up-level and align with something deeper and more true to who you are, and who you're becoming - it might be a perfect fit. 

I care deeply about living in a more honest, genuine world - and it all starts with you. 


it's somewhat 

The Dig is an experience that will fast-track you to your most authentic self, and allow you to express it succinctly. 


Lacking clarity is the ultimate destroyer of productivity and creativity. No matter who you are or what you're working on - you deserve to have clarity of self and your bigger purpose.

For over a decade,The Dig has helped 1,500+ people to excavate their life stories, and distill their truth down to just one word. The goal is to fully and clearly claim your purpose, so you can confidently own your power.


Whether you have an up-level to make, a transition to navigate, a brand to clarify or a message to amplify...


Do not pass go until you get epic clarity.


it's also pretty


The Dig is just for you, is totally custom to you and is all about your truth and purpose in this world. Conducted over two virtual sessions (4 hours total), you'll meet with Erin on Zoom and share your entire life story.


From your story, patterns emerge. Erin will pull out your life-long themes and distill them into simple words, which are in relationship together. These words make up your operating system, which repeats over and over throughout your life.


We conclude by nailing down your one Dig Word, and a strategy for bringing it forth more clearly.

meet some happy Diggers...

1,500 and growing

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featured in:

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We can all agree that words hold immense power. When you Dig, you find YOUR word. The one word whom you have hovered around that captures your spirit, ambition, and perspective in this world. I use my Dig Word in broadcasting, speaking, parenting and networking. Everywhere I am I use what I learned from Erin to go beyond. 

- Ryan Harris


During The Dig, Erin sees one layer deeper than a person's perspective of herself. She holds up a mirror to a soul and shows her what the world sees. Erin empowered me to gain true clarity into what makes me special, unique, and powerful. Thank you for seeing me.  For helping me find my voice. For tearing down long-held beliefs that are untrue. Healing. Forgiving. For making me uncomfortable. And helping me reconcile that I. AM. ENOUGH.

- Jasmine Star


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