Your message matters.

Join a group of global leaders who have something to say, to align your why with your words, and to amplify your core message. 

The Message Mastermind is invitation-only program, lasting 10 weeks. You must have completed The Dig as a pre-requisite. (either a live workshop or private session)  

During this mastermind, we'll meet weekly on Zoom for one hour. Erin Weed will lead the group, and teach a new way to integrate your purpose into your message. You'll meet with a new small group every week for accountability, support and implementation.


You will also receive digital course materials to review on your own time, including worksheets, videos, swipe files and more - all on the topic of building your thought leadership and sharing your message - in a meaningful way - with more people. 

The weekly Zoom calls may focus on (but aren't limited to): 

  • further clarifying your core message
  • writing your manifesto, and integrating it into your existing brand
  • outlining your book concept and determining next steps
  • applying your message into social media posts and overall presence
  • crafting your "slinky speech" (a flexible talk, to be delivered at the end of the program) 
  • infusing purpose into your personal brand 
  • growing your thought leadership by claiming your niche
  • develop media talking points for interviews (host or guest) 
  • link your purpose to your message in a succinct way

  • developing the idea + flow for your speech or TED talk

During each live call, Erin will also do "hot seat" coaching, working with one individual in front of the group for everyone's benefit. She will also do Q&A, make connections and provide resources to keep you and your message moving forward.


The next Message Mastermind will run from January 1 - March 31, 2022.

At the end of this program, all members will give a short (10 minutes or less) presentation to the group. (this is called a Slinky Speech - a highly flexible talk based on your core message) These presentations will be recorded so you can use them in your marketing materials. 

your investment: $3,500