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 "To go fast, go alone.
To go far, go together. "

- African Proverb




After you have completed The Dig® and know your word - you may be wondering, "Now what?"

It's time to align with what's true for you internally, so you can express it in the external world! There's no better way to accomplish this than among a group of likeminded peers.

In order to join a mastermind, you must have completed a Private Intensive. Mastermind membership is carefully curated to make sure we have the right people, who are at a similar level with shared ambitions.

Your membership is for one year. They are designed for a high level of continued learning and solid friendship. True to the mastermind format, all members are both contributors and receivers to top-notch support.
The mastermind format is a combination of the following: 

  • in-person retreats

  • live zoom calls 

  • voxer group for group chat

  • unlimited access to digital resources


To be considered, please apply below and someone from our team will be in touch. 

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